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This site was created for the purpose of collaborating on our Family Tree and sharing our research. The surnames of interest are Craig, Ennis, Salchenberger, Solchenberger, Zantow, Goree and more. If you have any information to share please register or send me an email, the link can be found in the footer.


If you would like full access to the family tree, including being able to edit and add, you must first register. Upon registering please state your reason for registration and how you are related so that I can set you up with the proper permissions.

The viewing of the family tree is open to everyone. However, in order to preserve the privacy of the living unregistered users will not have access to certain information. Again, if you have anything to share please do so by registering or by email.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2020 2:27 AM
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