Josiah Goree + Leannah Ashford

8 children
Birth: 1784Newberry District, South Carolina, USA
Death: 1836Autauga County, Alabama, USA
Birth: 1785Newberry Co., South Carolina, USA
Death: 1816Newberry Co., South Carolina, USA
Birth: 1785Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina, USA
Death: January 1, 1829Montgomery, Alabama, USA
Birth: about 1805South Carolina, USA
Death: February 8, 1843South Carolina, USA
Birth: about 1810South Carolina, USA
Death: before 1850Newberry County, South Carolina, USA
Birth: February 4, 1815South Carolina, United States
Death: July 1, 1857Newberry County, South Carolina, USA
Birth: 1750Goochland, Lunenburg, Virginia, United States
Death: 1816Carolina, Carolina, Puerto Rico, USA
Birth: 1710Manakin colony, Virginia, USA
Death: July 28, 1795Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina, USA
Birth: 1715Manakin, Newberry, Virginia, United States
Death: 1800Newberry, Newberry, South Carolina, USA
Birth: February 19, 1773Fairfield, South Carolina, USA
Death: August 18, 1828Newberry, South Carolina, USA
Birth: 1723Fairfax, Fairfax County, Virginia, USA
Death: July 31, 1814Newberry, Newberry County, South Carolina, USA

Facts and events

Marriage 1790
Exert from Newberry County, South Carolina: historical and genealogical annals by George Leland Summer

Note: The Goree family came from either Pennsylvania or from Charleston, and a re supposed to have been of French origin -- from the territory of Alsa ce-Lorraine. They settled in the northeastern section of Ninety Six Dis trict, Near Tyger River (county lines of Newberry and Union), some movi ng over into Chester District. Several were soldiers in the American Ar my during the Revolutionary War.
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