Mary Ashford, 17231790 (aged 67 years)

Mary /Ashford/
Given names
Birth 1723
MarriageGeorge W AshfordView this family
1743 (aged 20 years)
Birth of a daughterAnn Ashford
December 6, 1744 (aged 21 years)
Birth of a daughterMary Ashford
August 9, 1748 (aged 25 years)
Birth of a sonMichael Ashford
September 24, 1750 (aged 27 years)
Birth of a daughterConstance Ashford
March 3, 1752 (aged 29 years)
Birth of a daughterElizabeth Ashford
May 10, 1756 (aged 33 years)
Birth of a sonGeorge Ashford
February 11, 1758 (aged 35 years)
Birth of a daughterSibbie Ashford
November 1, 1759 (aged 36 years)
Birth of a sonMoses Ashford
June 25, 1763 (aged 40 years)

Birth of a daughterSarah Ashford
May 2, 1765 (aged 42 years)

Birth of a daughterJane Ashford
October 19, 1768 (aged 45 years)

Birth of a sonJohn Redding Ashford
August 18, 1771 (aged 48 years)

Birth of a daughterLeannah Ashford
February 19, 1773 (aged 50 years)
Birth of a sonMicajah Ashford
April 19, 1775 (aged 52 years)

Birth of a sonJames Ashford
August 14, 1777 (aged 54 years)
Birth of a sonBennett Ashford
May 8, 1780 (aged 57 years)

Birth of a sonWilliam Ashford
November 8, 1782 (aged 59 years)

Birth of a sonJohn Ashford
April 1, 1785 (aged 62 years)
Birth of a sonSimon Ashford
October 12, 1788 (aged 65 years)
1st President of the United States
George Washington
April 30, 1789 (aged 66 years)

Marriage of a childJosiah GoreeLeannah AshfordView this family
1790 (aged 67 years)
Exert from Newberry County, South Carolina: historical and genealogical annals by George Leland Summer

Note: The Goree family came from either Pennsylvania or from Charleston, and a re supposed to have been of French origin -- from the territory of Alsa ce-Lorraine. They settled in the northeastern section of Ninety Six Dis trict, Near Tyger River (county lines of Newberry and Union), some movi ng over into Chester District. Several were soldiers in the American Ar my during the Revolutionary War.
Death about 1790 (aged 67 years)

Unique identifier

Unique identifierGeorge W AshfordView this family

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